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Reclaiming Balance: Stepping Away from the Girl Boss Mindset

Reclaiming Balance is where entrepreneurial success is redefined through balance, not hustle. This book is a guide for entrepreneurs seeking joy and purpose beyond the grind. Discover how to build a thriving business grounded in sustainability and balance, and learn practical strategies to avoid burnout. Whether starting out or seasoned, this book is a roadmap to a fulfilling and balanced entrepreneurial journey.

Reclaiming Balance
The Gentle Algorithm | Lilian Santini

The Gentle Algorithm: Harmonizing Soft Living and AI at Work

Explore the fusion of AI and slow living with The Gentle Algorithm. This guide unveils practical AI strategies for a balanced work-life, promoting mental well-being and efficiency. Ideal for anyone seeking to transform their work environment into a haven of productivity and tranquility. A must-read for embracing technology mindfully in our hectic world.