Tijuana Toledo

Tijuana Toledo is a certified life coach with the mission to honor each client and meet them exactly where they are at in life. She has a strong clinical background and truly connects with people and understands them. Her former clients have a changed mind and heart connect that life happens through them, not to them.

The goal of the project was to create a sophisticated, elegant, and modern logo that could translate the essence of the brand. The logo was developed based on four elements: metamorphosis, change, focus, and connection.

Tijuana Toledo life coach branding

Representing transformation, a looping with two different colors was created, giving the idea of a person who transformed its way of thinking and living. Symbolizing change and movement, Tijuana Toledo’s initials were designed in a three-dimensional shape with different thickness from start to finish. The two round shapes creating a looping was inspired by an eye configuration, representing focus and the necessity to pay attention to the moment, to life. As a final touch, all the lines were connected characterizing the connection between coach and coachee.

Tijuana Toledo life coach branding

I thank you for ALL that you do as you were put in my path for a reason. You have exemplified superior work ethic and professionalism. Your creative mind and knowledge demonstrate you have my best interest as I brand and grow my business. Amazing work Lilian!

Tijuana Toledo

Debbie Rodriguez

Your brand is more than just a logo and color palette – it’s an experience that communicates the essence of what you represent. We were delighted to work with Debbie Rodriguez on the collateral for her new brand, Debbie Magic. ✨

The goal was to bring the core values and personality of @debbiemagic_ to life and optimize her social media strategy. Here are some of the pieces from this project.

Collateral Material

Social Media Covers

You are SPECTACULAR. You’ve been so supportive, every step of the way. And you’ve patiently and generously created a brand identity that honors my vision and truly brought it to life. Thank you so, so much!

Debbie Rodriguez

Instagram Cover Stories

Tiny Warrior Wellness

Tiny Warrior Wellness is a practice lead by Kathy Rivera, a South Florida Health Coach whose mission is to educate, empower, and evoke self-love through yoga. Her classes focus on breathwork and self-love affirmations during meditation. She also offers stress-relieving yoga classes in a paddleboard – how cool is that?

We designed a branded presentation template and stationery for Tiny Warrior Wellness, keeping in mind its essence while bringing professionalism and consistency to the pieces.

The G.I.V.E. Journal

The G.I.V.E. Journal is a project created by Lisa Blackburn, a Luxury Wellness Coach for female executives, entrepreneurs and athletes. Lisa guides women in learning how to honor and transform their health, body and lifestyle and educates them in making conscious wellness choices in order to energize their business, relationships and to ultimately create the life of their dreams.

We designed a mini-edition of the G.I.V.E. Journal for Lisa to take to a Bali Business Bootcamp called CIA (Conscious Influencers Academy). The journal supports her clients in their personal journey of affirmations, reflections and gratitude.

Thank you for all your efforts with the G.I.V.E. Journal and marketing material, I love everything!

Lisa Blackburn