The Doral Yard

The Doral Yard at Downtown Doral will be a 20,000-square-foot food hall in Miami, to be open on January 2020. The venue will also be available for large meetings, events, workshops, classes, and gatherings. The Doral Yard will be an amazing space for families, residents and visitors to sit, dance, and enjoy live music and other cultural performances.

We’re excited to work on this project and design the website their team envisioned, along with promotional pieces such as flyers and email templates.

Doral Yard website design
Doral Yard website design - Lilian Santini
The Doral Yard Promotional Flyer
The Doral Yard Promotional Flyer

Fresh Coat Painters

We had the pleasure of working with the owner of Fresh Coat Painters in Marlton, NJ, to bring a sense of femininity to a postcard showcasing the company’s services, which employs mostly women. 

So nice to see other businesses empowering women in the workplace! 🌸 

Meseydi Machado

Meseydi Machado is a bilingual realtor offering personalized services in Spanish and English in Altamonte Springs, Maitland and Longwood. Originally from Puerto Rico, Meseydi has been a Florida resident for 23 years and loves assisting others to find their dream home.

This logo design was inspired by “For Sale” property signs – our goal was to develop a modern and minimal logo, yet formal and professional.

We illustrated a palm leaf and a flamingo to create a tropical essence, since her clients are looking to build their real estate portfolio with acquisitions in Florida. A person who acquires a property not only lives the experience of it, but the experience of the place as well, so the flamingo pops out of the sign to symbolize this experience.

We chose a clean font that conveys reliability; its elegant geometry adds a touch of fineness and sophistication to the logo.

For the colors, we chose vibrant tones to give energy to the brand.

Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change.

Barbara Januszkiewicz

The Foreign View

The Foreign View is a store I’ve created to showcase products dedicated to language lovers. Being a linguist myself, languages fascinate me and I wanted to offer translators, language tutors and enthusiasts a change to gift others (and themselves!) with products related to languages.

Luna Accounting and Bookkeeping

A brand identity is made up of what your brand says, what your values are and what you want people to feel when they interact with it. Essentially, your brand identity is the personality of your business and a promise to your customers.

Check out the brand identity we designed for Luna, a Miami-based Accounting and Bookkeeping firm. Luna has a meaningful story: it was dreamt under the moonlight when Adriana was a 25-year-old, and the idea came to life 13 years later. 🌙 

To honor this story, we sketched a moon-shaped logo with an overlap of numbers referring to the brand’s name and accountability services. We also created her stationery and a presentation deck to make a lasting impression on her clients.

Want to create a memorable brand? Get in touch and schedule a free discovery call.

Jacqueline Bermudez

Jacqueline Bermudez is a dear friend and an incredible artist who loves telling the stories of powerful and authentic individuals through portrait photography and painting.

Her maternity shoots capture that special time in a woman’s life of anticipation and hope. She also offers family sessions and chic and elegant photo shoots to showcase a woman’s glamour and strength.

I was an honor to craft her website and bring her vision to life! You can preview her work at

Warrior Women Connect

Warrior Women Connect is an organization committed to creating the world’s first international indigenous and artisanal marketplace platform that empowers women to share indigenous stories, crafts and art with their local communities.

Warrior Women Connect Postcard
Warrior Women Connect Post Card

As a Brazilian woman, it was absolutely amazing to collaborate with the founder, Anne Marie Miller, to bring her vision to life and create the visuals for such an amazing project!

Warrior Women Connect Postcard
Warrior Women Connect Post Card
Warrior Women Connect Invite
Instagram Puzzle Layout

Lacey Elizabeth

Lacey Elizabeth is a content strategist and copywriter who helps women form supportive communities, share stories and form relationships to take their businesses to the next level.

I get so excited when I have the chance to work with entrepreneurs whose passions align with mine, and working with Lacey was no exception. She wanted a brand that could help to spread her passion and message and I was honored to help her bring this project to light!

Elements created: logo, business cards, brand manual, podcast graphics, favicon, social media templates, presentation deck, bio template, email signature.

Lilian not only has an eye for design but she walked me through the entire branding process with professionalism and a passion to bring my vision to life. Her creativity and dedicated work ethic is unmatched. I am so happy with the final product! 

Lacey Elizabeth

Presentation Deck

Bio Template

Laurie Sylvia

Laurie is a self-love coach with the goal to help women tap into the love that is within, strive to achieve their potential and guide them to honor who they are as a beautiful person.

Her coaching approach is about focusing on where you are today, where you want to be and what it will take to get there. Her clients are guided down a path of self discovery, acceptance and love.

Laurie Sylvia life coach branding

The objective was to create a minimal logo that could convey the essence of the brand. The logo was developed based on the tree of life, Laurie Sylvia’s initials, “LS”, the lozenge shape, and the bridge.

Symbolizing growth and the moments of life, a simplified and geometric shape of tree was designed, inspired by the tree of life. Its square shape is related to balance, stability, and reliability. To represent the tree branches, a set of lines was created with the initials. This shape was quadruplicated, creating a lozenge for the tree crown, which is associated with femininity.

Laurie Sylvia life coach branding

A vertical line, illustrated as the tree trunk and expressed as the bridge that connects where you are to where you want to be, divides the logo into two sides and connects them; there’s a blank space between these two sides to indicate the space that would be connected, filled.

The thin lines were used for simplicity, fineness and pleasing aesthetics.

Lilian is an absolute genius. I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go with my brand. She asked detailed questions, listened to what my wants/needs were and communicated with me during every step of the process to ensure I was in love with what she was creating. She designed something that I know embodies who I am and what I represent. What she did for my business and image has set me apart from others in my industry. I cannot express how dedicated she is to making her clients satisfied and the level of detail she provides in order to make a well rounded brand for any business. Her strategy and implementation is stellar.

Laurie Sylvia
Laurie Sylvia life coach branding

Tijuana Toledo

Tijuana Toledo is a certified life coach with the mission to honor each client and meet them exactly where they are at in life. She has a strong clinical background and truly connects with people and understands them. Her former clients have a changed mind and heart connect that life happens through them, not to them.

The goal of the project was to create a sophisticated, elegant, and modern logo that could translate the essence of the brand. The logo was developed based on four elements: metamorphosis, change, focus, and connection.

Tijuana Toledo life coach branding

Representing transformation, a looping with two different colors was created, giving the idea of a person who transformed its way of thinking and living. Symbolizing change and movement, Tijuana Toledo’s initials were designed in a three-dimensional shape with different thickness from start to finish. The two round shapes creating a looping was inspired by an eye configuration, representing focus and the necessity to pay attention to the moment, to life. As a final touch, all the lines were connected characterizing the connection between coach and coachee.

Tijuana Toledo life coach branding

I thank you for ALL that you do as you were put in my path for a reason. You have exemplified superior work ethic and professionalism. Your creative mind and knowledge demonstrate you have my best interest as I brand and grow my business. Amazing work Lilian!

Tijuana Toledo