Lingua Viva Translations

Lingua Viva was created out of the blue on a sunny Friday, from random inspiration. The website was designed for a fictitious translator called Natalie, specialized on the Art and Culture sectors (both very close to my heart).

The goal of the project was to design the brand identity for a freelance translator, focusing on bright colors while still conveying professionalism and showcasing her skills.

The copy was not finalized, but you can check the design elements on the live site here.

Project scope: logo creation, custom icons, image curation, web design.

Lilian Santini freelancer translator website design

Blue Flag Translations

Blue Flag Translations is a husband and wife freelance team with decades of experience providing affordable English to Russian/Ukrainian translation and transcreation services. Their main clients are lifestyle brands such as boutique hotels, restaurants, fashion and concierge services.

Our mission was to create brand messaging for Blue Flag that reflected their core values, and unique design that showcased their brand. All elements were created from scratch in order to convey their vision.

Services provided: copywriting, logo fine-tuning, icon design, website mockup design.

Lilian went above and beyond our expectations. She was able to improve Blue Flag’s logo based on our recommendations and delivered a beautiful website mockup with unique icons customized for our brand. We’re also very happy with the new copy that communicates so well what we do and who we are.

Lilian was always responsive and her process kept all the pieces organized. It was a pleasure working with her!

Ievgeniia Gres

Moni Charlie

Mónica Martín del Campo, known in the translation industry as Moni Charlie, is a young translator who has a background working in the innovation and startup field. Her mission is to translate, localize and help her clients improve relationships and grow their businesses.

Our goal was to create a minimal and modern logo that would translate the essence of her brand. The logo development was directly related to her tagline: Share your ideas with the world.

Moni had a preference for purple and it worked out really well since the color is associated with wisdom and creativity. It’s also linked to prestige and ambition, conveying the excellency she wanted to give to the brand. A gradient of purple and violet tones was created to symbolize the process of translation, which starts with a language and finishes with another.

The speech bubble crafted for this logo brings the concept of sharing ideas; the arrows are associated with translating from one language to another, and the globe shows Moni’s intention to reach global clients.

Elements created: logo, business cards, stationery, mug, email signature.

Lilian Santini - Moni Charlie branding

Starting a new project can be scary but working with you is always a pleasure. Thanks for putting so much thought, dedication and detail into the entire branding process, it came out perfectly!

Moni Charlie

CK Traducciones

CK Traducciones is a language company based in Santiago, Chile, offering translation and interpretation services. The company specializes in language services for the forestry, mining and energy businesses. Their experience in the industrial sector allowed them to optimize technical language and terminology that truly benefit their clients.

We started this project with my signature brand foundation session to create strategy, purpose and vision for the company’s online presence. We worked on streamlining their process, organizing priorities and developing a social media plan to take them to the next level. The second step was the revamping of CK Traducciones website banners, to showcase their expertise in a more focused way. The design process involved different design concepts and brainstorming for taglines.

It’s exciting to see language companies focusing on what they do best, and I’m happy to see CK Traducciones focusing on sectors that are often overlooked!

Services provided: marketing strategy session, web banner design.

Lilian helped us to focus on the clients we are looking for and to target an audience by using a strategy that pushed me to rethink what we want as a company. She actually made us visible and taught us how to show what we do best to our target audience.  All the things she helped us improving had a great positive impact on the way we show and highlight our value and our special abilities in our field, and we are very thankful for that.

Karina Oporto, CK Traducciones
ck traducciones graphic design

Speak up Language School

Speak up Language School offers English classes in a friendly learning environment that familiarizes their students with authentic British culture. Based in Brazil, the school has two branches in the state of Minas Gerais.

I provided strategy sessions to assist on the optimization of their social media and maintenance of their marketing efforts.

Lilian is a language lover, so are we. Teaching English is our passion, our mission, our commitment. One of the greatest things about working with her is that she definitely shares the same values. She’s passionate about languages, about teaching and learning, about sharing her knowledge and the latest technology. Lilian puts so much dedication to her work. She’s thoughtful and a very good listener, that’s why she always comes up with the right strategy and the best ideas ever. We are at the beginning of our project and we can already measure the good results. We started with an online marketing strategy to get a better presence online and very soon we’ll be launching a second branch in the education industry. I don’t even need to mention that she’s highly recommended. 🙂

Priscila Lima

Elisa Mingo

Elisa Mingo is a Spanish teacher born in Madrid. She’s always loved languages and discovered her true passion for teaching Spanish while living in Japan. Certified to teach adults and children, Elisa sets herself apart for being able to communicate with her students in English, Japanese and Spanish. She takes her time to understand her students’ goals and help them achieve fluency and foster meaningful connections when reaching out to others in her native language.

Elisa asked for two little birds carrying a conversation, with one of them saying something universally known to the other in Spanish. The birds’ illustrations and the handcrafted speech bubble bring a fun and delicate essence to the logo.

The primary colors are used as the dominant color palette for all visual representations of the brand. Elisa’s enthusiasm, joy and determination are showcased with the orange color and balanced with blue, which is related to intellectual activities, high aspirations and trust.

The secondary colors are lighter shades of blue, which add elegance and energy to the brand. The black was chosen for details, bringing just the right amount of formality.

I was looking for someone to brand my new business (teaching Spanish in Japan). The results exceeded my expectations by far!! Lilian is a real professional, she works with accuracy and her artistic sense and style are delicate and beautiful. She will take care of your request and perfectly adapt it to your own likes and needs. If you are not sure of what you want, she will offer you ideas and options. Communicating during the branding process was smooth and easy, and everything was ready very soon. I am impressed with the results, and would totally recommend her to anybody who needs to create a logo, a brand image or an identity for their business.

Elisa Mingo

Elements created: logo, business cards, stationery, mug, notebook, calendar, email signature.