Lingua Viva Translations

Lingua Viva was created out of the blue on a sunny Friday, from random inspiration. The website was designed for a fictitious translator called Natalie, specialized on the Art and Culture sectors (both very close to my heart).

The goal of the project was to design the brand identity for a freelance translator, focusing on bright colors while still conveying professionalism and showcasing her skills.

Project scope: logo creation, custom icons, image curation, web design.

Lilian Santini freelancer translator website design

Moni Charlie

Mónica Martín del Campo, known in the translation industry as Moni Charlie, is a young translator who has a background working in the innovation and startup field. Her mission is to translate, localize and help her clients improve relationships and grow their businesses.

Our goal was to create a minimal and modern logo that would translate the essence of her brand. The logo development was directly related to her tagline: Share your ideas with the world.

Moni had a preference for purple and it worked out really well since the color is associated with wisdom and creativity. It’s also linked to prestige and ambition, conveying the excellency she wanted to give to the brand. A gradient of purple and violet tones was created to symbolize the process of translation, which starts with a language and finishes with another.

The speech bubble crafted for this logo brings the concept of sharing ideas; the arrows are associated with translating from one language to another, and the globe shows Moni’s intention to reach global clients.

Elements created: logo, business cards, stationery, mug, email signature.

Lilian Santini - Moni Charlie branding

Starting a new project can be scary but working with you is always a pleasure. Thanks for putting so much thought, dedication and detail into the entire branding process, it came out perfectly!

Moni Charlie