TCA Realty

TCA Branding

TCA Realty is a real estate brokerage with the mission to enrich the lives of people with knowledge and power to make their financial goals a reality. We revamped TCA’s brand to be one that inspires people to change their lifestyle, build wealth, and know that they are capable to accomplish anything with the right tools.

The logo was designed in a clean and modern style to represent the real estate brokerage market. The symbol was inspired by properties and growth, illustrated by a home with an arrow-shaped roof, and also by the initials “TCA”. The fine lines and minimal strokes convey competence and elegance. We chose a modern and elegant font that adds formality to the brand with its own uniqueness, depth and identity.

The earthy orange tone was inspired by buildings and is associated with the creativity, communication and strength of the orange color and the maturity, stability and security of the brown. The emerald green was inspired by financial prosperity, representing abundance, growth, clarity and balance.