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Marlene Menendez is a modern-day shaman, chakra energy healer, Reiki Master and yoga instructor who helps women work through blocks and follow the desires their hearts long for. She works with sacred tools like sound, smoke, herbs and art to tap into spaces of the human energy field and stimulate the natural healing process of the body. Marlene brings her clients back to their authenticity so that they can feel complete and finally find themselves.

The objective was to create a modern and feminine logo that could translate the essence of the brand. The logo was developed based on Marlene Menendez’s initials “MM”, the moon, and the sunshine.

Symbolizing feminine spirituality, magic and movement, an organic symbol was created inspired by the light as a symbol of prosperity, high vibration, wisdom and understanding, and by the moon phases demonstrating that every scenario, imaginable and unimaginable, is real and is happening all the time, allowing us to grow spiritually and create balance.


Color is a vital part of building a brand personality as it has the ability to convey message and meaning without words. The logo balances in the mystery and magic of the black color and the light of the gold color. Gold inspires knowledge, spirituality and a deep understanding of oneself and the soul. The lilac is the color of spirituality and intuition, and used as a secondary color in collateral materials, gives more softness to the brand.

Marlene Menendez

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