Our goal was to build a visual identity that positioned Kmeleon as a leading startup, passionate about technology and innovation. To allude that the company is always looking into the future, our concept shows a chameleon with a remarkable eye, evoking his unique 360° vision.

The shape of the chameleon was inspired by the golden spiral that appears throughout nature. The idea was to state how technology relates to nature, in the sense that both facilitate our relationship with the world and our everyday activities.

The font chosen is modern and bold, based on technological symbols such as wires, machinery, and chips. The secondary font adds formality to the brand.

A gradient was created to represent the most prominent feature of a chameleon: the ability to change colors and quickly adapt to different environments, just as technology adapts to people’s needs.

The color blue is linked to technology, represents intelligence and progress, and also symbolizes trust and loyalty. Its dark tone is associated with experience and stability. A touch of purple was added to convey creativity.