CPI Property Advisors

CPI Property Advisors - Lilian Santini

It was a pleasure to work with CPI Property Advisors on the creation of their brand identity. CPI is a young property management company that developed a customizable software to make the process more effective, efficient and profitable to investors and owners.

CPI Property Advisors - Lilian Santini

Based on their values, we incorporated in their brand identity the concept of dialogue, communication, efficiency and profitability. For the creation of the symbol, we relied on the initials “CPI”. We interconnected these letters and created a similar format for all of them, along with a dialog balloon, which in the logo works as the drop of the “I” and the negative space of the “P”. The “P” shape also has the shape of a dialog balloon, symbolizing communication. We also added a “mirror” of the “P” shape, creating a symbol of infinity, illustrating the company’s continued connection with the customer.  The symbol has 4 shapes – representing their properties. When this mirrored shape was created, the symbol as a whole took the form of an arrow, which represents efficiency, profitability, and growth.

For the font, we chose something cleaner and geometric, but still modern and formal. In the initials “CPI” we used a stylized version of the font to give more personality to the brand.

Much of the personality of this logo comes from the colors. We used a gradient because it complements the logo concept. The beginning of the arrow is more transparent, and then darker, symbolizing growth, advancement and improvements. We created two different poles using yellow and blue, and they blend in the center to illustrate the connection environment between the company and the client. Each “block” has a different color to illustrate the different types of real estate.

Yellow is associated with intelligence and energy: it stimulates logical reasoning, contributing to decision making. In its slightly darker tone, it’s related to success. Dark blue is associated with stability and experience; it also symbolizes trust, loyalty and wisdom. The brown, which was created between the gradient of yellow and blue, is linked to quality and safety, and encourages order and organization.