CK Traducciones

ck traducciones graphic design

CK Traducciones is a language company based in Santiago, Chile, offering translation and interpretation services. The company specializes in language services for the forestry, mining and energy businesses. Their experience in the industrial sector allowed them to optimize technical language and terminology that truly benefit their clients.

We started this project with my signature brand foundation session to create strategy, purpose and vision for the company’s online presence. We worked on streamlining their process, organizing priorities and developing a social media plan to take them to the next level. The second step was the revamping of CK Traducciones website banners, to showcase their expertise in a more focused way. The design process involved different design concepts and brainstorming for taglines.

It’s exciting to see language companies focusing on what they do best, and I’m happy to see CK Traducciones focusing on sectors that are often overlooked!

Services provided: marketing strategy session, web banner design.

Lilian helped us to focus on the clients we are looking for and to target an audience by using a strategy that pushed me to rethink what we want as a company. She actually made us visible and taught us how to show what we do best to our target audience.  All the things she helped us improving had a great positive impact on the way we show and highlight our value and our special abilities in our field, and we are very thankful for that.

Karina Oporto, CK Traducciones
ck traducciones graphic design