Since my goal is to help you tell your story, I will start by telling you mine.

I was born in a small town in the Brazilian countryside. Growing up, life seemed quite simple until I noticed a difference in the way others spoke. By the time I was six, I had been exposed to different languages, which piqued my curiosity. So much so, that by the time I was 12, I had enrolled in a nearby school to learn English. I learned the language rather quickly and started teaching others in the same school only a few years later.

I could hardly contain the burning desire to learn and explore more. So, in 2004, I packed up my dreams and went in search of a new adventure; I moved to New York as an Au Pair. I’ll admit that the romantic idea of moving to a new country to pursue my dreams wasn’t as sweet as I envisioned at first, but it eventually unfolded into my dream come true. I met new people, perfected my English and spent the next decade making the best of every experience I had. I took marketing courses, start-up opportunities and corporate jobs. I even embarked on an entrepreneurial adventure of owning a small café in Astoria, Queens.

Those first few years in the US were challenging, but they were well worth it. I learned so much about life, language and culture. I discovered my true passion and pursued it wholeheartedly. Before I knew it, I had moved to Miami where my personal and professional experiences fit right in. My entrepreneurial spirit was ignited, and I have since dedicated my time to helping businesses grow by helping them to effectively communicate with consumers. The truth is that this journey opened my eyes and my heart to the joy that is effective communication. I thoroughly enjoy helping companies connect with consumers who might otherwise be lost in translation.