A recipe from my childhood


If you ever came to my house, you probably had some of my favorite baked cheese rolls, this Brazilian breakfast/snack traditional from my state, Minas Gerais. They are called pão de queijo and I absolutely ADORE them ? 

These little balls of joy are so much more than you imagine. They represent my childhood, my afternoons with my grandmother working the wood oven in her kitchen. They speak of my roots, and my pride for being from this amazing state, surrounded by mountains and mines. 

In a few months it will be 28 years since I said goodbye to my paternal grandmother, named Celina. I look just like her, and memories of our time together are still so vivid. I’m feeling inspired to discover some of the recipes she enjoyed so much to make, and pão de queijo is on top of the list. ✨

I came from a lineage of amazing, strong women who were masters of their craft and made beautiful things for their families and communities. Women that fed big families with simple, quality ingredients, created beautiful quilts, and used their talents in the best way possible in a time when being a woman was so much more challenging. I honor them, and feel so grateful for all the traditions that we’re passed to me and I get to hold close now and cherish.

I’ll be investigating some recipes from my grandmother soon, to make them at home. Until then, click here to download a pão de queijo recipe you can make with only 6 ingredients. ✨

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