We are family

We are family

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  • On May 21, 2018
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Today, coming back from the public library, I took an Uber with someone that really made me think about the power of stories and interactions.

I use every opportunity I have to improve my Spanish and since the driver was listening to Spanish radio, I made a comment about the weather in Spanish. His expression lighted up and he said: you’re Brazilian, aren’t you? I said yes, and he kept going, talking to me like I was an old friend.

I was taken aback but his attitude, and noticing it, he looked at me and said: “You know, Cubans really like Brazilian people. And you know why? Because since the day we are born, you are there, in our households, telling us beautiful stories with your soap-operas. We sit down to listen to stories from amazing characters – they love, suffer, work hard, succeed, do funny things. And at the end of the day, we think of you as family.”

I was so touched by his statement. I don’t have much time to indulge on soap-operas these days, but at that moment, in that car, we looked at each other and perfectly understood each other, like we’ve met long ago, like we were… family.

When was the last time you stroke a conversation with a stranger? It’s SO worthy.


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