Sandy Bodeau – Bilingual Fashionista

Sandy Bodeau – Bilingual Fashionista

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  • On March 28, 2018
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Sandy Bodeau is a TV Fashion Expert and Style Blogger passionate about affordable fashion. She shares her amazing tips and expertise with her audience, both in English and Spanish.

Originally from Spain, Sandy has lived in Washington, D.C. and now resides in Miami.

We’d love to hear your story, Sandy! What inspired you to move from Spain to the US?  

Actually, when I first came to the US, it was not my intention to stay. However, shortly after getting here I realized that I had found my place. The many inspiring stories that I heard about people achieving their own American dream made me feel that it would be here where I would reach my dreams.

There’s a Czech proverb that says: “You are as many times human, as many languages you know.” You do an amazing job telling your story online, not only to English speakers, but also to your Spanish-speaking followers. How do you stay true to yourself and “translate” your personality in a second language?

Staying true to myself is part of who I am, so I don’t feel that I have to remind myself to show my personality. I am a very passionate individual and I believe that that shows on my social media posts.

When it comes to “translating” my personality in a second language, I would say that it has come with lots of practice and the many years that I have been speaking English now (about 14). I, however, believe that I am still funnier in Spanish 😉


“Raising a bilingual son is probably my proudest job. Not only because I feel that I am giving him a tremendous gift by teaching him more than one language but also because it makes me feel that I am raising a well-rounded individual who will be connected with multiple cultures.”


You’ve been living in the US since 2002. We both know that the beginning can be challenging, especially when you are not fluent in English yet. What is your funniest “lost in translation” story?

My funniest by far is “The Crane Story”. When I was an intern for the U.S. Senate, it was part of my job to read the news. One day, I saw a headline that said: “crane crashes against a New York building”. I did not know what was a crane, so I went to ask one of my coworkers. He said: “a crane is a kind of bird”. I was stunned. The front of the building was destroyed. So, I replied: “you have to come see this picture. What kind of bird would do that to a building?” From that day, I learned the other meaning of “crane”.

Besides being an entrepreneur, you are also mom to the cutest baby on the block! Tell us about your experience of raising a bilingual son. 

Thank you! Raising a bilingual son is probably my proudest job. Not only because I feel that I am giving him a tremendous gift by teaching him more than one language but also because it makes me feel that I am raising a well-rounded individual who will be connected with multiple cultures. As the child of an immigrant myself, I take this very seriously. I want my son to be a citizen of the world and to be able to identify and show compassion towards all kinds of people. I do believe that knowing multiple languages is a great step towards that.

If we’re sitting here a year from now celebrating what a great year it’s been for you, what would be your biggest achievement?

This may sound crazy for some people but I do not set goals. My biggest accomplishments have come from the most unexpected places and, because of that, I stopped writing down goals. I, however, have an on-going goal that I believe is the key to having achieved so many dreams. My goal is to always grow and to never think that I know enough about any topic. The hunger to learn and to continue to be a better individual – the better version of myself – is my only goal. The rest really follows.


Sandy Bodeau is a blogger and fashion stylist who provides services to entrepreneurs, public figures, and corporate executives. Her work has been recognized by publications like Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan for Latinas and Lucky Magazine. You can check her blog Life Behind the Filter and follow her on Instagram.


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