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Hello, I’m Lilian Santini. I’m a multilingual marketer with a passion for communicating in a creative, artful and unique way.

I create and implement customized marketing strategies to elevate my clients’ online presence in an authentic way. In other words, I work with people to discover what makes them special and communicate their uniqueness effectively.

I’m passionate about the work I do with entrepreneurs and growing businesses. Whether you’re launching a brand or looking to improve an existing one, let me help you create something engaging and inspiring.

Main specialties: marketing strategy, brand identity, social media management and web design.

My personal experience has led me to understand why people seek the help of translators and language schools, but my professional experience has allowed me to appreciate the need all industries have to effectively communicate with their intended audience.

I often say that I’d be living on my mother’s couch in Brazil had it not been for the crazy idea of learning to speak a new language: English! As funny as that sounds, it’s the honest truth. Learning a new language opened doors I didn’t even know existed, which led me to find my passion.


Yes, help you in the language and communications industries – tell your story. By helping you, I’m contributing to the impact you will have on the lives of others. And that’s most rewarding!

As a marketing professional, I help you communicate with consumers in a variety of ways. In simple terms, I can assist you with brand consulting, social media outreach, content curating, project management, graphic design and developing marketing plans and strategies. And since my passion stems from the beauty and endless opportunities found in life, language and varying cultures, my mission is to fall in line with yours by making an impact in the lives of you and consumers alike – or just people like me.

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Tell your story in a persuasive way, from a clever website tagline to thoughtful social media profiles.

Social Media Management

Improve your online presence with a social media strategy that brings the visibility you deserve.

Web Design

Bring your brand to the next level with a customized website that speaks to clients and compliments your style.

Collateral Marketing

Impress your audience with beautiful presentations, business cards and stationery that get your point across.

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