A strong brand opens doors. I’m here to give you the key.

Communication goes beyond words. A dynamic visual brand, clear message and strong online presence equals a bigger impact. I’m Lilian and I help companies and language professionals strengthen their marketing so they can open doors and unite cultures around the world. From concept to finished product, I help language professionals bring their vision to life so they can impact the world by fostering cross-cultural understanding.

Meet Lilian

My story is proof of the power of language.

As the founder and creative director at Lilian Santini Online Marketing, I combine more than a decade of experience in the language industry with my passion for design and strategic branding.

I love transforming  a company’s brand so that it shines. With my expertise in the language industry I go beyond design and branding by offering my clients a customized marketing strategy to connect with their target audience through consistency and confidence. Fluent in Brazilian Portuguese, English and Spanish, I work with international companies that need to reach multicultural audiences.  

When I’m not perfecting my client’s brands you’ll find me taking walks through Miami’s vibrant neighborhood of Coral Gables, visiting art galleries or in the kitchen making my favorite Brazilian pastry, pão de queijo.