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hi, I'm Lilian Santini

I’m a brand strategist, author, and the founder of The Copper Portico, a branding company focused on building authentic brands through design.

Originally from Brazil, I came to the US in 2004 to pursue a career in Marketing. Little did I know that 18 years later I’d still be here, working on the things I’m passionate about, learning new skills and educating others.

This website gives you a glimpse of both my personal and professional projects. I invite you to stay, explore and if interested, subscribe for my newsletter for occasional updates. Thank you for stopping by!

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life beyond grief

Life Beyond Grief is a channel where women healing from infertility can find mindfulness. This collection of meditations foster self-acceptance and inspire women to live a fulfilling life without children. Available in English and Portuguese on Youtube.

Life Beyond Grief | Lilian Santini

book release


Behold: Life Beyond Grief is a collection of poems that tell my story of infertility, failed adoptions, and self acceptance. My mission with this book is to help women who are going through similar hardships find healing.

Front Cover Book: Behold

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I’m passionate about empowering people to create their personal brand and pursue their dreams. I share my story and tools with people and companies to develop an impactful presence in the world.


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